SME Loan

SME Loan Application

Thank you for contacting us for your SME Loan Request. To process your loan, you will need to provide copies of the following:

1. CAC Certificate
2. Work ID Card
3. Valid ID (International Passport, Voters Card or Driver’s License) of the signatories
4. Utility Bill/Proof of Address
5. 6 Months Bank Statement
6. Executed Dud Cheque Issuance Form
7. Board Resolution Stating Amount and Tenure
8. Guarantor Work ID, Valid ID, Statement of Account and Cheques
9. Memorandum and Articles of Association
10. Form C02 and C07

Kindly note that our loans attract a monthly interest rate of 6%; also deductible from the Principal sum or payable upfront. There is a one-off 2% fee for management and processing.

We look forward to the receipt of the requested documents to enable us to commence loan processing.

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