Most of us don’t spend time considering the implication of choosing a particular investment asset, until it goes wrong, by which time it can be too late. There are many options out there for people to save or invest.

Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society bridging products can help you today make the right choice. Whether you are saving money towards a goal or investing a lump sum you need to ensure that the product you choose is right for you.


  • DIVERSIFICATION – Your investment should be well diversified, in other words, its important not to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • LIQUIDITY – How quickly can you turn your investment into cash if you need money fast?
  • GUARANTEES – Is your capital secure and how much of it are you prepared to risk in order to get better return?
  • BORROWINGS – Borrowings or gearings can have serious implications on investments. It magnifies the growth effect but greater losses occur if the value of the investment falls.
  • KNOWLEDGE – It helps to do a little research and to have some understanding of the investment and how it works.

Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society has a list of savings and investment solutions for you, whether its for long term savings or a straight forward investment. Try out the bridging product and experience the true joy that comes from our product and services on delivery.


Skyewise PMCS Ltd. is strictly for her members and intending members, registration for intending members is carried out directly with Skyewise PMCS Ltd. .


  1. Applicant must be 18 years and above
  2. Applicant must be productively engaged in a legitimate business or work
  3. A Registration fee of Ten Thousdand Naira Only (N10,000.00)
  4. Copy of a valid ID Card or employment ID card with one passport photograph.


  1. Members are allowed to contribute ideas for the progress of Skyewise PMCS Ltd.
  2. Members are entitled to 2% monthly interest on any amount contributed or invested with Skyewise PMCS Ltd.
  3. Members have access to soft loan at any given time
  4. Members have access to own their own house through Skyewise PMCS Ltd. Morgage program
  5. It give members access to physical cash
  6. Partnership opportunity and investment goals with higher ROI
  7. Members are also entitled to 1% interest on any new members their introduced



  1. We are dependable and reliable
  2. We solve money problem
  3. Consultancy services
  4. Business advisory
  5. Financial advisory and planing

OUR Affiliation:

  1. Association of non- banking micro finance institution
  2. Abuja Cooperative Federation (ABCOF)
  3. Federal Capital Territoty Agency
  4. Lead Way Assurance Company