Skyewise Autos

Skyewise Autos is a popular car dealer in Garki, Abuja and was incorporated in 2017 offer diverse automobiles services ranging from auto sales, maintenance services and procurement services to discerning clients abound in the FCT and Nigeria in general.

The company arose out of a concise plan to develop a comprehensive all round professionals services through its subsidiary Skyewise Progressive Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited with special consideration to excellence and values to its customers and members of the public.

Skyewise Group of companies is guided by honesty. The total pursuit of customer satisfaction has been our watch ward from inception and shall remain our guiding principle in the prosecution of our commercial activities and providing world class services at all time.

We have currently in place, a full-fledged sales unit for all brand of vehicles procure from first class bulk sellers in the united states of America, Canada, Japan etc. a versatile team of rendering world class services in automobiles, to ensure optimal quality of products.

The company has initiated strategy relationships with fairy used car dealers in the United States of America and Canada. This relationship will ensure all cars imported by the company meets the quality standard as applied to the United States market and also meet technological details required for the Nigeria market at affordable prices.

The availability of car dealers in Nigeria has reduced the difficulties faced by buyers who are looking for the best places to buy a car in Nigeria. However the process of buying a car in Nigeria is not like purchasing stationeries, provisions where you walk into a store and pick a product and offer money for the exchange of the product and leave. Buying a car is way beyond that and there are lots of processes involved to ensure you have the best deal and Skyewise autos is not left out by giving you the best value for your money and render 90 days warranty on all fairy used cars.

Our Vision is to be the leading Automobile Company in Nigeria by rendering quality and affordable vehicles that will give our clients a lasting impression on automobile.

Our Mission is to ensure that all government agencies, private sectors and families in Nigeria and beyond patronise us.


Skyewise Autos is a car dealing company which specializes in the sales of all brand of cars, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes and BMW. These cars are imported from highly quality dealers and sold with three months warranty. Skyewise automobile also gives customers warranty on fairly used cars sold with extended support.

To extend a remarkable driving experience, we have invested in the establishment of a technology enhance service centre within the FCT at plot 1525D Mabushi, by lobic motors. The service centre boots of various kind of diagnostic software for different car type as well as tools and machines that will ensure service is done with less strain to the vehicle using well developed technology.

We have also put in place highly skilled individual who show passion for their craft in the maintenance of and servicing of all kind of vehicles brands that we are involved.

To ensure that we meet our mission statement, we have also partner with Wema Bank Plc where any Nigerian can purchase a brand new or fairy used cars by contributing a minimum of 20% as equity to any of their choice car. We have also created an avenue through our subsidiary Skyewise Progressive Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited where members are allowed to get their choice cars with an instalment payment plan depending on their contribution.


Skyewise has over the years developed strong partnership with high earn cars and equipment dealers across the globe and through our formidable management team, we have developed a seamless approach towards procurement that meet customers need coupled with the experience of our President who has various pedigrees in procurement ranging from first bank. We over procure on vast range of products and services and are knowledge with the current procurement trends in the prevailing market to ensure customer satisfaction.


Over the years we have provided services to huge various sector of establishment and individuals. We have render financial support through our subsidiary Skyewise Progressive Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, we have donated study materials to various schools within the FCT and visited countless orphanage homes.

Below is a few summary of our clients base, our individual clients who form the bulk of our client base will be left out of this list to ensure confidentiality and credibility in the society.