Investment Tips

Investment Tips

Around the world people are looking for Sustainable Investment Platforms to invest their funds for a better returns and Skyewise Global Investment Services Ltd provides you with best investment platform to grow your money.

Savings is an age long established fact that nobody can escape poverty without a savings habit. However that narrative has changed today as investing has taken order of the day. Anybody that spends everything on consumption is just a step away from poverty and its various consequences, no matter how rich the person is today. The story of the prodigal son is instructive in this regard.

Investing culture means, irrespective of how much you earn today, and your needs, you put something aside for tomorrow, or invest, to make additional income. This, however is a great challenge for many people, especially for low income earners, whose needs are far more than what they earn. Some of them attempt to save, but because the investment is not always within their reach, they find it difficult to spend the money. Yet, everybody needs to  invest to escape poverty. This is made relatively easy with Skyewise Global Investment Services.

It’s imperative that investing is the only way to build sustainable wealth and while leave your money in the bank with little or no interest when you can invest with us and earn unbeatable monthly, quarterly and annual returns with profit sharing.

As an investors of Skyewise, your funds are secured with us as all the loans we are processing are secured with moveable and unmoveable collateral such as vehicles and buildings. We don’t invest in the unknow and our word is our bond, investors can bank on our words and can take it to be bank. Close to decades in this industry, we have been able to sustained our name and proof beyond reasonable doubt that Skyewise is the best place to invest for sustainable financial grow.

Corporate power is another benefit of investing, this is where a company can invest for a cause in order to meet some financial needs and establish more businesses. There are some things that a corporate body can achieve easily, which are near impossible for an individual. For example, if an individual buys a parcel of land, the land owners can go back and resell the same land to another person. The individual, especially a low income earner, most of the time loses out eventually or may have to repurchase the land again. But if it was a corporate body, the land owners will not even try such mischief, because from the beginning, a legal expert and government is involved.

The second thing you benefit from skyewise as an individual is access to loans either in within the shortest period or in the form of goods. You can also get your dreams cars from us at a lower price with installment payment as we have partnership with Wema Bank. As it is difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, so it is for the average individual to get loan from the banks in Nigeria. For low income earners, it is even worse, because they don’t have collateral but with our partner, Skyewise Cooperative. Individual or corporate bodies can access loans within 24hours of request.

Compare these benefits to investment in shares or bonds or in a collective investment scheme. These other investment options do not impact savings culture, neither do they provide easy access to loans. The individual also does not have the opportunity to enjoy corporate power. In fact, he may become a victim of corporate power. And because the individual does not participate in the management of the companies or his investment, he does not have opportunity to acquire business acumen.

Find out other ways to build your wealth, invest in government securities is an option, but one cannot totally rely on them as their value could drop at any time due to government policies. Look for a more stable form of investment. For advice, experts at Skyewise are available to show you ways to grow your money. We are the best in what we do and we are driven by integrity and sustainability.

If you understand the power of compound interest, you will never leave your money in the bank. The Power of Compound Interest shows how you can really put your money to work and watch it grow. When you earn interest on fixed deposits, that interest then earns interest on itself and this amount is compounded monthly.

This concept simply involves earning a return not only on your original deposits but also on the accumulated interest that you have earned on your past investment of your deposits. The secret of getting rich slowly, but surely, is the miracle of compound interest.

The absence of money doesn’t make anyone poor but the inability to understand the power of investing make one a liability.

Even though markets may change, good investment is timeless and at Skyewise, we have minimal or zero risk.

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